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We are a Leeds based company providing the best domestic and commercial cleaning services across Yorkshire.

All Star Cleaning Services is located in the vibrant and modern city of Leeds, the unofficial capital of Yorkshire. Our uniformed team of trained cleaning professionals has a stellar reputation in both domestic and commercial settings. We have been providing excellent indoor and outdoor cleaning services for the last 10 years.
All our cleaning services are performed in an environmentally friendly manner while ensuring the safety of children and pets. Our specialised proprietary cleaning practices and equipment allow us to clean your surfaces and items without causing any damage.

Experienced Team

CRB Checked Staff

Affordable Rates

Prompt Customer Service

Why Should You Choose Us For Your Cleaning Needs?

Our experienced team of cleaning professionals pours in a lot of hard work and attention to detail for the best possible results. They have worked with all sorts of surfaces, materials and stains – they combine this experience with their expert knowledge of cleaning materials to pick the right ones for the job.
All Star Cleaning Services runs a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check for all its current and potential employees before hiring them. We are committed to keeping our customers and work environment safe from any criminal activity. You can trust us with access to any secure and private parts of your property for cleaning.
We provide high quality and safe services for all your domestic and commercial cleaning needs. We spend a lot of time and money in training our staff on the best cleaning trends. And, we do it all while keeping our services affordable for you. You can count on us to provide you with the most competitive rates for our state-of-the-art cleaning services.
We are proud of our excellent and prompt customer service. We take care of all your cleaning needs promptly – your satisfaction is of prime importance to us. We are not done cleaning until we see the sparkle in your eyes.

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