Professional Leather Sofa Cleaning Services in Leeds

Professional Leather Sofa Cleaning Services in Leeds
No home is complete without an excellent piece of sofa and if you have a leather couch, it adds an extra bit of elegance and style to your house. Leather couches are usually durable but not immune to scratching or regular wear and tear. Over time, your sofa is continuously exposed to body acids, perspiration, body oils, soil particles in the air. Common dirt and sand get attached to the clothes and body of adults, kids, and pets. When people use the couch, the dirt is transferred to the leather upholstery.
You may not be familiar with the exact process to clean the couch and that’s why it’s recommended to hire leather sofa cleaning specialists to deep clean leather sofa.

Types of Leather

There are multiple types of leather couches available in the market and unless you’re an expert, you would not be able to identify the leather type being used in your couch.
Primarily, there are two types of leather that are used in the upholstery: unprotected and protected.
Unprotected leather, also known as unfinished leather is soft to touch and has a luxurious feel to it. It carries no protective coating other than a basic treatment that makes the leather dust resistant. Regular wear is easily noticeable on this type of leather. Most of the leather furniture uses protected leather which carries a treatment of aniline and pigment. These are also known as semi-aniline leather.

Benefits of Hiring a Leather Sofa Cleaning Company

There are many good reasons to hire a professional leather sofa cleaning company. You need to deep clean leather sofa and good cleaners go beyond that. They restore the quality of your leather by using appropriate cleaning and treatment methods. The restoration process involves multiple stages of cleaning, moisturising and protecting against future spills and stains. Your couches remain cleaner for longer after professionals are done with their job. Most importantly, working with a professional leather sofa cleaning services provider guarantees satisfaction.
The current condition of your leather sofa does not matter, professional leather sofa cleaning specialists in Leeds will be able to restore it for you.

Professional Leather Sofa Cleaning Process

In the first step, a mild shampoo is used to remove dirt and grease that is sitting on the surface of the leather upholstery. A professional company uses specific shampoo and brush suitable for the particular leather type used in your couch. After shampooing is done, the cleaning specialists apply moisturising cream throughout the leather. This step is important because it prevents the upholstery from cracking.
Within a few hours, your leather sofa returns to its previous condition and the feel of luxury and comfort is restored. No matter how old your sofa is, professional cleaning will increase the life of your leather couch. Leather sofa cleaning specialists will also be able to guide you so that you can do the regular maintenance of your couch.

Professional Care Tips for Your Leather Sofa

Who doesn’t want to spend time on a beautiful leather couch? Your leather sofa needs regular maintenance apart from the occasional cleaning services. If you follow the simple tips given here, you will be able to maintain the shine of the couch and prevent it from cracking.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight is not good for your leather couch as it has a drying effect on the leather upholstery. The heat in the sunlight steals the moisture from the leather which may result in cracks. Try placing your sofa in a position that is away from direct sunlight.

Keep Away From Heat

Heat has a similar effect on the leather as the sunlight. Ensure that the couch is kept away from heaters and fireplaces.

Pet-Friendly Approach

The paws and claws of your pets can scratch the leather upholstery so regular cutting of nails of your pets can avoid the unnecessary scratching.

Personal Care

Keep sharp objects like knives, pencils, pens away from the couch. Perspiration has body acids that can harm the protective coating on the leather so always make sure to wipe your body to remove sweat before using the sofa.

Regular Cleaning

Dust your couch regularly and wipe it with a moist cloth to clean it. Deep cleaning and protection application should be performed at least once every year.

Leather Sofa Cleaning Service in Leeds

All Star Cleaning Services is the best company that provides services for professional leather sofa cleaning in Leeds. Our leather sofa cleaning company in Leeds has specialists who can revive the shine and texture of your leather couch. They use treatment and protection methods that are safe for children as well as pets. We also specialize in general leather cleaning services. If you are looking for someone to do professional leather sofa cleaning in Leeds, request a call back from one of our team members. You can also call us directly on 07742 280 466.

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