Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Services
All Star Cleaning Services provides the best commercial cleaning services in various settings, such as government, military, medical, restaurants and other specialised environments. We have been continually reinvesting in our staff, equipment and cleaning processes for the last 10 years to remain the top commercial cleaning company in the Yorkshire area.

Office Cleaning

We understand the importance of a clean office environment – it has a direct impact on client perception, brand persona, employee health and well-being, and organisational productivity.
Our expert cleaners provide a variety of office cleaning services, including:
  • Spot cleaning (example: coffee spills)
  • Car parking cleaning
  • Air conditioning vents cleaning
  • Carpet vacuuming
  • Front cleaning
  • Cleaning of staff rooms, kitchens, washrooms and cafeterias

Event Cleaning

Our well-trained professional cleaners have been providing event cleaning services for indoor and outdoor events such as corporate and government events, and huge festivals.
We make sure that your venue is clean throughout the event – before, during and after. Our expert cleaners will have your bars, marquees, stages, welfare facilities, toilets, catering areas, trade stands and back of house zones covered at all times. We will also ensure smooth waste disposal and litter picking at the highest standards.
All Star Cleaning Services has more than 10 years of experience cleaning events that generate a high volume of traffic – we ensure a deep yet quick clean to ensure that the venue is restored to normal use swiftly.

Sports and Leisure Cleaning

We understand that your members expect leisure facilities to be hygienic and maintained at the highest levels – not doing so will lead to customer retention issues.
We offer expert indoor and outdoor leisure cleaning services. Our team of professional cleaners will ensure:
  • Cleaning of hallways and entrance areas
  • Sanitising and cleaning of gym equipment
  • Disinfection of swimming pool, spa and dip pools
  • Mopping, sweeping, polishing and refinishing of floors
  • Waxing and stripping of floors
  • Cleaning of eateries, bars, buffet hotplates, display cabinets and food warmers
  • Spot cleaning of any spills
  • Cleaning of urinals, showers, toilets and washrooms
  • Emptying and sanitising of trash and recycling bins
  • Restocking bathroom consumables
  • Cleaning air conditioning vents
  • Cleaning canopy and facades
  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning of any external signs
  • Patio cleaning and exterior pressure washing

Medical Cleaning

Our medical cleaning team is well-trained in adopting the best practices to prevent cross-contamination and spread of infection in a healthcare environment.
Our cleaning specialists use proprietary dry and wet cleaning methods to maintain high cleaning standards. They take special care in using prevention techniques, such as hand hygiene and isolation cleaning.
We ensure that our staff complies with the rules set by the healthcare setup when cleaning low risk, significant risk, high risk and very high-risk areas. We work with each trust to identify risk categories, including general wards, toilets and bathrooms, surgical theatres, endoscopy, day activity areas, public thoroughfares and rehabilitation areas.
Our professional cleaners are trained in safe disposal methods to be adopted for different kinds of waste, such as general waste, offensive waste and sharps – they are skilled in waste management procedures to be utilised in challenging and complex environments.

Extraction Cleaning for Kitchens

Extraction systems in kitchens can be a real fire hazard if the clogs caused by oils, grease and fats are not cleaned periodically.
Our expert cleaning professionals ensure that extraction systems of everything from food manufacturing plants to office blocks are cleaned to the highest standards. We cover all sorts of commercial kitchens – all the way from pubs, takeaways, restaurants, schools and canteens to care facilities.
All Star Cleaning Services has been providing commercial cleaning services in all sorts of business settings for more than a decade. Our services include full building cleaning, carpet cleaning, commercial window cleaning, waste removal, drain cleaning, etc.
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