Avoid These Costly Mistakes When Cleaning Your Leather Furniture

Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning Your Leather Furniture
Leather furniture is a great choice to add a classy look to your room. Though it is an expensive investment, the comfort and luxury of leather is definitely worth the price. With proper maintenance and care, these accessories will last a lifetime.
Maintaining upholstery leather is a safe task if the manufacturer’s recommendations are properly followed. However, people tend to forget these guidelines and make mistakes while cleaning and caring for the product.
The worst part is that we might never know the mistake committed until the furniture is permanently damaged. But, if you look through the eyes of a leather cleaning specialist, you would definitely understand that these small blunders can cost you so much.
Here are a few such mistakes which you must avoid while caring for leather furniture.

Ignoring regular cleaning

If you are one among those who feel that leather upholstery needs to be cleaned only when they look dirty and dull, then you are terribly wrong. Leather, when not cleaned regularly, will accumulate dirt in the long run. This, in turn, will become a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. Who would want their furniture to be foul-smelling and unhygienic? So, make sure to stick with the recommended cleaning schedule.

Not using the right products

In recent years, different types of leather are being used for making upholstery. So, never assume that one cleaner can be universally used for all materials. Also, most of the laundry or household detergents are not friendly for leather accessories and may cause drying or cracking. Refer to the manufacturer’s user manual to know the material used and use cleaning products that suit your furniture.

Soaking with water

One of the terrible mistakes you can make while cleaning leather is soaking it in water. Always use the right amount of water to clean a soiled surface. Even the cloth used for dipping in water or a chemical solution should be damp and not dripping wet. Leather, being a porous material, tends to absorb the liquid deep into its surface, facilitating the growth of germs in it.

Not doing a spot test

Any cleaning solution, be it organic or chemical-based, should be applied on an inconspicuous spot of the furniture and tested for any adverse reactions. If a particular product doesn’t suit your furniture, then you can shift to any other product without any significant damage to the leather.
However, it is likely that anyone could make such mistakes, especially when caught up with the cleaning process in the hustle and bustle of life. But these mistakes may have irreversible effects on your precious furniture at times.
Hence, it is always better to hand such work to professional cleaners as they have the experience to avoid these mistakes.
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