Common Household Areas We Forget to Clean

Common Household Areas We Forget to Clean
A house or shall we use the term “home” is a more complex structure than you might think. It is the only place which makes us feel comfortable and secure. That’s why we adorn it with all the luxuries we can afford. Curtains, carpets, furniture and fixtures, all are the elements of a happy home. It’s nice to have all the stuff in the home, but the more you have the harder it becomes to achieve absolute home cleanliness. No matter how hard you try, there would always be some spots which we forget to clean. That’s why our team has compiled a list of hard to reach and hard to clean areas.
Here is a small list of household areas which we generally forget to clean. Cleaning them is vital as all the filth gets accumulated in these spots. We don’t want anything superficial in our lives, do we?

#1 Wall Skirting

Wall skirting looks cool and is a widely used interior decoration tool. The only issue with them is that they accumulate dust and dirt in the indents. This area of the house is often ignored while we go about regular cleaning. Cleaning them is easy, and a simple dusting cloth will do the trick. Clean them, and you have a better place to live in.

#2 Under Sofa, Beds & Refrigerators

Bet you knew this one, but it’s still worth mentioning because these are the spots which we ignore to clean. There is a difference between forgetting things and ignoring them. Just because these spots are hard to access does not mean we have to leave them as they are. Under the sofa, beds and refrigerators are the spaces that have heaps of unwanted things. There is dirt, dust and much other stuff that finds its way to the dungeons. Ignoring these spots can prove to be unhealthy. Clean them regularly and see the difference.

#3 The Electronics

Every house is full of gizmos now. We have multiple laptops, mobile phones, tablets and LCD/LED screens. They make our lives a lot easier, but owing to their operational nature, they do attract a lot of dust. Electronic appliances in our homes have a static charge; they are actually dust magnets. Wiping them clean every day would ensure that there is less dust in your home and the appliances last longer than expected.

#4 The Kitchen

Modern-day kitchens have gas burner stoves, microwave ovens, toasters and even deep fryers. They are heavily used regularly. The kind of dirt they have is very different. It’s all dust and grime which gets ignored and can lead to unhygienic cooking conditions. Clean them with care as its essential for your family’s well being. You don’t want to cook in an area full of pathogens. Do you?

#5 Door Knobs and Handles

Your doorknobs and handles are very dirty. Ever been to see a doctor during flu season? They would urge you to clean your hands after touching knobs and faucets. Get the idea now – your door knobs and other such elements are home to viruses and other pathogens. You need to keep them sanitized at every cost.
We have jotted down the points above because it’s our responsibility as a professional cleaning agency in Leeds to make you aware of them. It is easier said than done. The elements that we have cited above are of deep cleaning. It’s a professional service we offer. Although it’s not possible to go for deep cleaning every day, getting your house deep cleaned once every two months makes sense. If you live in Leeds or nearby area, then give us a call. Let our team help you achieve the ultimate state of cleanliness for your home.

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