How Often Should You Do Office Carpet Cleaning in Leeds?

Office Carpet Cleaning in Leeds
Vacuuming might be one thing that is done regularly for your office carpet. But seriously, vacuuming does not count as carpet cleaning. Yes, it sucks in dust and removes dirt from the surface. Still, have you ever thought of those tiny microorganisms that may be hiding below the rugs and fibres of your carpet? Vacuum cannot remove it.
That too for places, like Leeds, with oceanic climate will require regular disinfection or steam cleaning for carpets to be really clean – not just visibly clean.
The frequency of professional carpet cleaning is affected by various factors. Here are a few.

Climate conditions

The geographical location of your office and the climate conditions in the area are to be kept in mind while scheduling an appointment with office carpet cleaning services.
Places with hot climate round the year would not require frequent carpet cleaning as the heat may not support the rapid growth of germs in the carpet. While in Leeds, even summers are mild, so moisture is naturally high in the air. Consequently, to keep your office free of infections, you must do a regular office carpet cleaning in Leeds.

Air quality

Are you aware of the fact that, in recent days, indoor air quality is becoming worse than outdoor? Moreover, with Leeds’ air quality being just above average, even accessories of your room like carpets, window screens play an important role in maintaining the air quality within a reasonable range. Make sure to get your carpet cleaned by a professional so that the customers and the employees who walk around your office stay healthy and happy.

Crowd density

A small office with just ten people working and moving around would not require as much frequent carpet cleaning as a more crowded one. Hence, the number of people using the area also matters while deciding when to get your carpet cleaned.

Type of work

The type of work that is going on in the office also determines how often the carpets are to be cleaned. As a matter of fact, Leeds is the UK’s third-largest manufacturing centre. Most manufacturing firms pertain to people working with metals, lubrication, sharp tools and such materials. Carpets in these places will get dirty more often than companies involving white-collar jobs, thus requiring more frequent cleaning.
With all this said, once you determine how often your office carpet needs cleaning, you can schedule a periodic service from a top office carpet cleaning company like us. This way, you don’t have to call to fix an appointment with us every single time. Click here to request a call back from us and our experts will explain more on this. You can even call us directly on 07742 280 466.

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