The Importance of Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

The Importance of Kitchen Extraction Cleaning
Kitchens are busy places, especially commercial kitchens. These are places which are actively engaged for hours every day. Modern commercial kitchens use an array of equipments, one of them being the kitchen extraction systems. They are becoming more sophisticated and efficient by the day.
Every year, there is some technological advancement in them. Since they are heavy-duty appliances, they do require due care and cleaning. Clogged kitchen extraction systems can make your operations less efficient and potentially hazardous. Professional kitchen extraction cleaning is vital for the proper functioning of your commercial kitchens. People in Leeds need it more as we do have many big kitchens here.

What builds up in an extraction system?

All that deep-frying and regular cooking generate fumes, grease and grime, which gets accumulated in the extraction system over time. If not taken care of, they lead to a very clogged extraction system. It’s these build-ups that lead to malfunctioning of the unit.

What are the risks associated with clogged extraction systems?

Clogged extraction systems are hazardous. They can lead to major accidents. Clogged extraction systems are a significant source of fire in commercial setups. They also lead to the creation of an unhealthy atmosphere in the kitchen. Bad odour and high pathogen growth are a real possibility with clogged extraction systems. Clogging also reduces the serviceable life of the extraction system and can lead to high overhead costs.

How often is kitchen extraction cleaning required?

Every model of kitchen extraction system has its maintenance schedule. It’s best to refer to the official documentation for your brand. However, in general, the frequency of cleaning would depend upon the usage. We recommend the following cleaning frequency:
  • 12-16 hours of daily usage: Once in a quarter
  • 6-12 hours of daily usage: Twice a year
  • 2-6 hours of daily usage: Once a year
The schedule mentioned above is a generalized one, and we might have to look at your system to be sure of things.
It is essential to get your kitchen extraction system professionally cleaned. Fire is a real threat with ill-maintained kitchen extraction systems. Getting your system cleaned professionally provides you with a security blanket. A well maintained and clean kitchen extraction system helps you save on utility bills too. It is more efficient and gives a longer service time. Your kitchen automatically becomes a better place to work. It gets the gift of enhanced hygiene too.

The best kitchen extraction system cleaning in Leeds

If your commercial kitchen is situated in Leeds, then we can provide you with the best kitchen extraction system cleaning. Our team is equipped with the modern tools that cater to the maintenance needs of most of the brands. We have the experience and the expertise that gives you complete peace of mind. Our team ensures that you have a safer and healthier kitchen. With us, the mint condition of your kitchen extraction system is guaranteed. Our cleaning services are affordable and competitively priced. Get in touch with us to know more.

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