The Importance of Upholstery Cleaning Services

The Importance of Upholstery Cleaning Services
Upholstery items are our companions for joy and sorrow. They are always there for us when we need them – providing us with the comfort and security that no one else can. What are we talking about? Your furniture, of course. Be it your office or your home; furniture items are the real workhorses. Let’s not ignore the furniture upholstery here; they also require due attention and care. If you take a holistic look at things, furniture upholstery is the most utilized item in your daily life.
Go to your office; it’s the chairs and sofas that are used, come back home, and it’s your lovely couch and recliners. Furniture upholstery does need professional attention. Continuous usage leads to accumulation of sweat, dust and dirt in them. Although the fabric is sturdy enough to bear the rigours of daily use, still it has its limitations. Regular professional cleaning has to be done. Our article today will tell you exactly why.
To cut a long story short, here are the top reasons why you need professional upholstery cleaning services for your home and office. We are sure once you are done reading them, your next action will be to give us a call and seek an appointment for professional upholstery cleaning services in Leeds.

#1 The Quality of Indoor Air

Fabric with cushions acts like dust magnets. Over time it sucks in lots of dust. Every time you sit on your plush furniture and get up, you tend to release lots of dust unintentionally. Unless you have not cleaned your upholstery for decades, you won’t get to see the dust flying, but it is still there and is degrading your indoor air quality. Considering the fact that an average human in Leeds spends 80% of time indoors, that is something to be seriously taken. Professional upholstery cleaning ensures that the dust levels in your furniture upholstery are within healthy limits.

#2 The Health Angle

Your upholstery fibres tend to attract dust and dirt. We already mentioned that previously. What we had not said is that they also attract dust mites, allergens, fleas and fungi. Along with dust, the pathogens are also released in the air. With kids around in the house and elderly executives in office, things can turn ugly health wise. If you notice people around you with runny nose and flu, it’s time to call for professional upholstery cleaners.

#3 The Smell

What you see as a regular couch is, in fact, a multi-purpose work station. You sit on it, change diapers on it (if you have little ones around), sleep over it, watch movies and what not! The point is that with regular usage, soiling of upholstery is inevitable. If left uncleaned, you get that irritating musty smell or worse around you. A foul odour is a sign of bad vibes. It also hampers your mood and in turn, impacts your productivity and those around you. Professional upholstery cleaners in Leeds like us can help your upholstery smell daisy fresh again.

#4 The Expense Angle

Call your upholstery maker and ask for a quote. Yes! It’s expensive to get the new one installed. Prevention is better than cure here too. Regular professional upholstery cleaning ensures that your fabric lasts long. You save on money and lots of heartburn. In the end, a penny saved is a penny earned.

#5 Appearance

One of the visible benefits of professional upholstery cleaning is dullness protection. Our services not only clean your fabric but also protect its colour fastness. What you get is a more satisfying and visually superior furniture upholstery. Having healthy furniture that looks fabulous is like getting an unexpected bonus.
The bottom line is that you need professional upholstery cleaning services, provided you take your health and prestige seriously. It does not cost much either and is periodic in nature. Call us on 07742 280 466 to know how we can help you out.

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