Tips for Cleaning Leather Sofa: Do-It-Yourself Approach

How to Clean a Leather Sofa: Do-It-Yourself Approach
Be it your home or office, leather furniture increases the elegance of any space. Leather sofas are the most popular choice because of their aesthetic look, quality and comfort. But, with beauty comes responsibility. They are prone to stains and marks. These leather sofas will last a lifetime only if they are cleaned and maintained properly.
Leather, just like our skin, is natural and changes over time. Each type of leather has different cleaning requirements which are to be carefully analysed before starting to clean. With frequent cleaning and using the right products, it can be maintained in good condition for a long time.
Here are some tips to clean your leather sofa all by yourself.

Dust before starting

Use a vacuum cleaner or a soft dry cloth to remove the dust and grime off the gaps. Otherwise, the dirt may scratch the leather during the cleaning process. Also, make sure to use the vacuum gently without pressing hard on the leather.

Go mild for light stains

You wouldn’t have to spend on an expensive cleaning solution for light stains. Choose a mild, natural soap as the harsh ones tend to dry out the material. Wipe the stains gently with a damp cloth dipped in soap water.
You can also use a mild vinegar solution as a disinfectant to kill any fungus formed on the surface.

Get rid of dark stains

Dark stains, like ink marks, can be cleaned off by using a rubbing alcohol or an aerosol spray. Baby wipes or toothpastes are also known to help with these stains.
Make a paste of lemon juice and tartar cream and leave it on the stained area for 10 minutes. This will lighten any clearly visible dark coloured stains on the leather.
Grease stains may seem tricky to wipe out from the leather. Using baking soda on these spots can absorb the oil from the surface and remove the stain.
Also, make sure to do a spot test before using any cleaning products.

Leather conditioning

After the sofa is completely dry, apply a leather conditioner all over it. This keeps your leather clean and protected.
Preservatives, like bee wax, linseed oil or flaxseed oil, can be used for this. Commercial leather conditioners preferred by professional upholstery cleaners can also be a safer option.
Well, it’s easier said than done. Cleaning a leather sofa is a sophisticated process that is to be done with utmost care. If you don’t have the time or want the work to be more than perfect, then you can always hire one of the leading professional upholstery cleaning services in Leeds like us.
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