Why You Should Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaner?

Why You Should Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaner?
You are what you radiate. A man’s success, whether it’s at home or at the office, depends upon the vibes he carries. There is a saying that “cleanliness is next to godliness”. This phrase justifies the title of our blog post entirely. Whether it’s your office or home, clean places have their share of good vibes. Living in the UK, having good quality carpets adorn our homes and offices is a norm.
Carpets are two-faced entities. When they are clean, they enhance our pride, when they are dirty, then they are devilish. Dirty carpets bring a host of harmful elements in our lives. They smell bad, and that’s not all. Dirty carpets are a breeding ground of pathogens. They can make you and co-dwellers very, very sick. That’s why keeping them sanitised and cleaned professionally is a necessity rather than a luxury.

Some of the Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is the only guarantee that you live in a healthy environment. We are citing some of the most practical reasons that would convince you that you need to get your carpets cleaned professionally.

#1 IAQ - Indoor Air Quality

Ever heard of it, IAQ stands for indoor air quality. This term has caught fancy of the ordinary people and medical fraternity recently and for all the right reasons.
Do you know that a modern man spends more than 90% of his time indoors? Breathing in a confined space and working from there has its share of challenges.
Firstly, the volatile organic compounds that are given off your walls and furniture pollute the air inside.
Secondly, if your carpets are dirty, then you also get exposed to airborne pathogens that can cause asthma and other issues. The worst of them being the dreaded Norovirus.
Regular vacuuming of the carpet does not get rid of the pathogens. That’s where the professionals come into the picture. A professional carpet cleaner will help you eradicate the pathogens in your carpet and provide you with a healthier space.

#2 Not All Carpets Are Created Equal

For a fact – Not all carpets are created equal. Presently, the market is flooded with carpeting options. All of them need professional cleaning, as all of them can become equally dirty. Some of them need a differential treatment as far as cleaning is concerned.
The choice of carpet cleaning method along with the cleaning agent used varies from situation to situation. A professional carpet cleaner can be the best judge of which method to use and where.
For example, at a domestic location where you have time by your side steam cleaning can be used but at a commercial site where time is at a premium, a more quicker approach may be engaged.

#3 Extending the Life of the Carpets

Dirty carpets are destroyed by the elements quickly. The microbes living in the dirty carpets eat away the carpet fibers, and your costly carpet, if not cleaned professionally, can become dust sooner than you expect. Get a new carpet is an expensive proposition.
You don’t want to shell out hundreds of pounds every other year, right? Getting your carpet cleaned by professionals periodically ensures the longevity of your carpets.

#4 The Stains

Stains are the worst enemy of your carpet. Spillages, staining and soiling of carpets are very common. They can be taken care of completely if you act on time. That actually never happens as most of the carpet owners are unaware of what needs to be done in such a scenario.
What you need to do is call for professional help. No point replacing a complete carpet because of a stain. Professional carpet cleaners can take care of it for you.

#5 Enforcing a Schedule

In our professional experience, your carpets can last almost a lifetime provided you have a cleaning schedule for them. That’s why you need to get yourself an annual carpet cleaning service subscription.
If your carpets are being cleaned professionally at a recommended schedule, then they are bound to make you happier.
Get in touch with a professional carpet cleaner like us to get your carpet cleaning requirements evaluated. Please request a call back from our cleaning experts.

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